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Panchpakshi Astrology

Pancha Pakshi shastra is a very popular method of astrology in South India especially in Tamil Nadu. It is based on the astrological principles that are based on dividing a day into 5 parts. The five parts of the day represents a bird each from the group. According to this principle every human being belongs to one portion of the said five parts.

It has to be detected from the name of the person and the star in which he is born and time of birth defines which bird a person belongs to. The accuracy of finding out the appropriate bird to which one belongs depends on the Natural extra sensory ability of an astrologer who is blessed with such a trait by birth. This accuracy and findings and prayer methods suggested leads to success and attaining of all that one wishes for or desires to get in life.

Your birth stellar bird personifies your basic element, among the five elements ("Panchamahabhootas"). The great Tamil Sidhas like *Agastyar *Kakabhujandar *Bogar *Pulipani has made remarkable contribution in this science and found applications Viz: Medicine, Election Astrology, Solving certain problems.They found out that the planetary movements, the waxing and the waning periods of the Moon due to it's relative cyclic distance from the Sun and due to the radiation of these planets progressing through the ecliptic consisting of 12 apartments called 'Signs' and 27 Hindu constellations (called "Nakshatras") produce a specialized elemental vibrative force at each of the time-situations.
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